I am The Finite…I am The Infinite

206 bones-more than 650 variants of muscle encages our Finite Transcient Forms. The Fact that we so pompously celebrate our birthday is a constant reminder of our inevitable expiry-a constant reminder of our Finite Form. But within our Finite self springs the Infinite immeasurable prodigious fountain of Love,Strength,Compassion,Faith and Hope-making us Infinite in our Finite […]

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You and Him

I had to choose. Choose between You and Him. Not that it was tough;Not that I had an array of options. It was just the two of you- You and Him He had his “Gift of the Gab”.On the other hand You hardly spoke to me. He had his male Cologne.You had your Vellichor. He […]

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Let Safe Food Be Thy Medicine

No,today is not 7th June .Today is not World Food Safety Day. Today is just a normal bog-standard uncelebrated day,but that does not undermine the importance of Food safety any less. India has been celebrating the World Food Safety Day since the last two years to create awareness among the citizens on the importance of […]

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Bhatir Desh

I was quite inquisitive to learn about the name of the Book-The Hungry Tide. Why is it that the Author used an adjective-Hungry ,to christen his artwork. The book kept me bereft of words when I tried to tie the loose ends of the novel. The entire novel had umpteen emotions laid one above the […]

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Good Bye

When you created that space behind your back, the very same back where I could fall upon always. And the space kept on increasing….I realized that I could stand ever strong without wanting anyone else’s back. Trust me Friend, your GoodBye Space was worth the trade.It let me embrace myself downright.

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